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1、The effects of the loading of CLD on curing characteristics, cross-linking densities, mechanical properties, thermal properties and thermo-oxidative ageing properties were evaluated. 考察了CLD的含量对橡胶复合材料硫化特性、交联密度、力学性能、热氧老化性能以及热性能的影响。

2、Xiaoping Island project has varied property management forms, including Central Living District ( CLD), Central Villa District ( CVD) and Central Entertainment District ( CED). 小平岛项目包含了多种物业形式,分别为:中央居住区(CLD)、中央别墅区(CVD)、中央旅游休闲区(CED)。

3、The dynamic problem of constrained layer damping ( CLD) cylindrical shell is investigated by the distributed parameter transfer function method. 采用分布参数传递函数方法对约束层阻尼(CLD)圆柱壳进行了动力学分析。

4、Dynamic Expression of p16~ ( INK4a) Gene in Lung Fibroblasts of Neonatal Rats with Chronic Lung Disease p16~(INK4a)基因在CLD新生鼠肺成纤维细胞中的动态表达


1:COB - close of business 工作日结束时间

2:COD - cash on delivery 货到付款

3:N/A - not applicable 不适用 ("/"读成forwad slash)

4:BTW - by the way 顺便说一句

5:FYI - for your information 跟你说一下

6:ASAP - as soon as possible 越快越好

7:TBD - to be determined 还没决定

8:APR - Annual percentage rate 年利率

9:KPI - key performance indicator 关键绩效指标

10:SOP - standard operation precedure 标准操作规程

11:HQ - headquarter 公司总部

12:ETA - estimated time of arrival 预计到达时间

13:YTD - year to date 从开年到今日

14:EOM - end of message 信息结束 (经常用于邮件主题)

15:FWIW - for what it's worth 再说一句


FTZ free trade zone 自由贸易区;

F. A. face amount 票面金额;

F. B. E. foreign bill of exchange 外国汇票;

F. A. fixed assets 固定资产;

F. A freight agent 货运代理;

fad. free delivery (discharge, dispatch) 免费送货;

F. A. F. free at factory 工厂交货;

D/D delivered at docks 码头交货;

F. C. fixed capital 固定资本;

F. C. fixed charges 固定费用;

F. C. future contract 远期合同;

FDI foreign direct investment 外商直接投资。


i has 还是have 英语问答

i has 还是have

i has 还是have:have和has的用法是靠主语人称来决定的,不是时态。过去完成用had done,现在完成用 have done ,将来完成用will have done...
摘要一般写多少字合适 英语问答


摘要一般写多少字合适: 对于本科论文或大专论文而言,摘要写200到300字就可以了。对于硕论而言,摘要写400到500字就可以了。顺便说下,论文摘要是对论文正文内容的精准提炼,作用...