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it做形式主语的句型:It was said that our school team won this football game。


it作形式主语 be +形容词/过去分词+主语从句:

Example : It is important that we should exercise every day.

It was said that our school team won this football game. be+名词词组(a/an fact/pity/shame/honor/question)+主语从句:

Example:It was a pity that you didn’t come yesterday.

It was a question whether we can arrive there on time. +不及物动词(happen、appear) +主语从句

Example : It happened that he was her brother.

It appears that they meet at the school library. be +形容词 +for sb./of sb. to do sth.

Example : It’s very kind of you to help him with his English.

It’s necessary for us to master a foreign language

(小贴士:为什么形容词之后会有用for和of的区别呢?这其实是因为前面形容词的缘故,如果形容词在说sb.“很...”,后面介词就要用of;如果形容词在说to do sth.“很...”,后面介词就要用for ) be+名词词组 +to do sth.

Example :It’ s my pleasure to help you. be+名词/形容词名词词组 (good/no good/no use/useless/senseless/a waste of) +动名词

Example :It is no good getting close to him.

It is a waste of time talking about such a boring question. take sb. some time/money to do sth.

Example :It takes him some time to finish his homework.


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