figure out的意思

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figure out的意思是:解决;算出;想出;理解;断定。

figure out的意思

figure out的意思是:解决;算出;想出;理解;断定。


1.figure out 计算出想出理解

2.I can't figure out 我搞不清楚

3.figure out fast 认清形势

4.try to figure out 揣摩推断悉心探求

5.figure out at 合计为多少钱总共


1.We could figure out the pronoun problem. 我们可以解决这个代词问题。

2."It is very simple to figure out," answered the Fox. “这很好理解。”狐狸回答说。

3.But because few could figure out what to do with the plastic, much of it wound up buried in landfills. 但是因为很少有人能想出如何处理塑料,大部分塑料最终被掩埋在垃圾填埋场。

4.I think we should figure out some ways to stop people from polluting the river and call on them to fight against pollution. 我认为我们应该要想出一些办法来阻止人们污染这条河,并号召人们同污染做斗争。

5.I can't figure out how to do this. 我弄不懂怎样做这件事。


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