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greed的意思是:贪婪,贪心。读音为:英 /ɡriːd/、美 /ɡriːd/。


greed的意思是:贪婪,贪心。读音为:英 /ɡriːd/、美 /ɡriːd/。


1.His eyes glittered with greed. 他眼睛里闪现出贪婪的神色。

2.Greed is a terrible vice. 贪婪是一种恶习。

3.His actions were motivated by greed. 他的作为是贪婪之心所驱使的。

4.Greed is a disease of modern society. 贪婪是现代社会的恶疾。

5.Greed was her downfall. 贪得无厌就是她堕落的缘由。

6.Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. 贪婪是七罪宗之一。

7.Nothing would satisfy her greed for power. 她对权力贪得无厌。

8.I have to reject the notion that greed can be a good thing. 我不能接受那种认为贪欲也可以是件好事的想法。

9.Greed on the part of owners and athletes turns fans off completely. 球队老板和运动员的贪婪使球迷们对其完全失去了兴趣。

10.As long as the operative word is "greed," you can't count on people keeping the costs down. 只要关键词是“贪婪”,你就不能指望人们降低开销。


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