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fortnight的意思是:两星期。复数 fortnights。例句:A fortnight passed in a flash. 一晃半个月过去了。


fortnight的意思是:两星期。复数 fortnights。


1.I hope to be back in a fortnight. 我希望两周后回来。

2.He's had three accidents in the past fortnight. 在过去两周他出了三次事故。

3.She works six nights every fortnight. 她每两周工作六个晚上。

4.Professor Smith recently persuaded 35 people, 23 of them women, to keep a diary of all their absent minded actions for a fortnight. 史密斯教授最近说服了35人,其中23人是女性,在两周内让他们把自己所有心不在焉的行为记在日记里。

5.It used to take a fortnight to travel from London to Edingburgh by coach, however you can now travel many times around the world in that time. 过去,坐长途汽车从伦敦到爱丁堡需要两周的时间,但现在你可以在两周里多次环游世界。

6.At least once a fortnight a corps of caterers came down with several hundred feet of canvas and enough colored lights to make a Christmas tree of Gatsby's enormous garden. 至少每隔两周,一群餐饮服务商就把几百英尺的帆布和足够多的彩色灯带到花园里,在盖茨比的巨大花园里布置圣诞树。

7.A fortnight passed in a flash. 一晃半个月过去了。

8.It was dead within a fortnight. 它在两个星期之内死去了。

9.It's been in the car for more than a fortnight. 它放在车里超过两个星期了。

10.They came once every six months and lasted a fortnight. 她每六个月来经一次,每次为时两星期。


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