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chill不是放松的意思,chill的意思是:寒冷;寒意;寒心;冷藏;变冷等。读音为:英 /tʃɪl/、美 /tʃɪl/。


chill不是放松的意思,chill的意思是:寒冷;寒意;寒心;冷藏;变冷等。读音为:英 /tʃɪl/、美 /tʃɪl/。

复数 chills

第三人称单数 chills

现在分词 chilling

过去式 chilled

过去分词 chilled

比较级 chiller

最高级 chilliest


1.chill out  冷静,冷静下来

2.wind chill  风寒


1.September is here, bringing with it a chill in the mornings. 9月到了,带来了清晨的寒意。

2.The light, as always, was beyond compare and there was a watery chill in the air. 光线一如既往地无与伦比,空气里还有潮湿的寒意。

3.There was a lowering sky overhead, sloppy ground under foot, and a winter chill in the air.头顶上是低沉的天空,脚下是泥泞的地面,空气中弥漫着冬日的寒意。

4."It was one of the few times at Apple when I got a chill," says someone who was in the meeting. “这是我在苹果为数不多的几次感到寒意的会议之一。”一位与会者表示。

5.A chill stole over her body. 她突然感到浑身发冷。

6.A chill shiver rippled over his skin. 一阵寒颤传遍了他全身。

7.His words sent a chill down her spine. 他的话让她觉得毛骨悚然。

8.There's a chill in the air this morning. 今天早晨寒气袭人。

9.A chill wind blew at the top of the hill. 山顶上刮了一阵凉飕飕的风。


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