put his things in order什么意思

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put his things in order 的意思是:把他的东西整理好。

put his things in order什么意思

put his things in order 的意思是:把他的东西整理好。

in order:整齐,秩序井然;按顺序;状况良好

in order的例句:

1.Reforms are clearly in order. 改革显然是顺理成章的。

2.Is your work permit in order? 你的工作许可证有效吗?

3.I must put my affairs in order. 我必须整理整理我的事务。

4.Is everything in order, sir? 一切都正常吗,先生?

5.Is it in order to speak now? 依规定现在可以发言了吗?

6.I think a drink would be in order. 我想可以喝杯饮料了吧。

7.It was time she put her life in order. 她到了该好好安排自己生活的时候了。

8.We needed the break in order to recharge. 我们需要休息一下以恢复体力。



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