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bud的读音为:英 /bʌd/、美 /bʌd/。意思是:芽,萌芽;蓓蕾;发芽,萌芽;使发芽。


bud的读音为:英 /bʌd/、美 /bʌd/。意思是:芽,萌芽;蓓蕾;发芽,萌芽;使发芽。

复数 buds

第三人称单数 buds

现在分词 budding

过去式 budded

过去分词 budded


1.in bud  发芽;在萌芽状态

2.flower bud  花芽,花蕾

3.nip in the bud  防患于未然;消灭于萌芽状态

4.come into bud  发芽

5.adventitious bud  不定芽,附属芽

6.axillary bud  腋芽


1.The tree is in bud already. 树已发芽。

2.It is important to recognize jealousy and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. 意识到嫉妒并在它发展到无法控制之前就把它消灭于萌芽状态,这一点至关重要。

3.This puts stress on the bud eventually bursting it open. 这会给花蕾施加压力,最终迫使它开花。

4.Now wearing the white bud means you're just like everyone else. 现在戴着白色的花蕾意味着你和其他人没什么两样。

5.While tasty, such seeds are delicate-they cannot bud and grow if they dry out. 虽然很美味,但这种种子很脆弱——如果干枯,它们就不能发芽和生长。

6.I watched his fingers move slowly under each letter as he tried to speak out "Bud the Sub".我看着他的手指在每个字母下面慢慢移动,试图说出“Bud the Sub”。


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