try todo和try doing分别是什么意思

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try to do的意思是:尽力做某事;努力做某事。try doing的意思是:尝试做…。

try todo和try doing分别是什么意思

try to do的意思是:尽力做某事;努力做某事。try doing的意思是:尝试做…。

一、try to do的双语例句:

1.This means that if there's anything that needs fixing around the house, he will try to do the job himself. 这意味着如果家里有什么需要修理的地方,他会试着自己去做。

2.First try to do something that is within your scope. 你先试着做一件自己力所能及的事。

3.You can try to do it in the bathtub. 你可以尝试着在浴缸里做这件事。

4.Now I try to do the same job in Cuba. 现在我试图在古巴做同样的工作。

5."We will try to do so, at least," said his wife. “我们至少会尽量这样做的。”他的妻子说。

二、try doing的双语例句:

1.Try doing things together. 试着一起做事。

2.Now try doing that in space. 现在试试在太空中做这件事。

3.Try doing it with the engine running! 你可以试试开着引擎‘做手术’。

4.I try doing this difficult experiment. 我试着做这个实验。

5.Why not try doing it in some other way? 为什么不用其他办法试一试呢?


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