family members是什么意思

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family members的意思是:家庭成员。

family members是什么意思

family members的意思是:家庭成员。


1.He instructed family members in nursing techniques. 他教家人们护理技术。

2.There may be a period of disequilibrium as family members adjust to the new baby. 家庭成员对新婴儿可能有个比较混乱的适应期。

3.Cremains of family members often go unclaimed, leaving funeral homes with heaps of cinders. 家庭成员们的骨灰经常无人认领,殡仪馆里留下一堆堆的灰烬。

4.Pets are family members. 宠物是人们的家庭成员。

5.Encourage family members to use unfinished rice to make rice puddings. 鼓励家庭成员用没吃完的米饭做米布丁。

6.He can recognize your family members and call them by their first names. 他能认出你的家庭成员并直呼其名。

7.Visit older family members and interview them about the past of your family. 拜访年长的家庭成员,采访他们关于你家庭的过去。


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