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with的复合结构用法:with的复合结构(作状语或作定语):with + n. + adj. (with可以省略)。with + n.+ doing/being done (动词的动作正在进行)。with + n.+ to do/to be done (动词的动作还未进行)。



一、with的复合结构(作状语或作定语):with + n. + adj. (with可以省略)

1) (With) the street wet and slippery, we had to ride our bikes slowly and carefully.

Because the street were wet and slippery, …

2) The students were listening to the teacher, (with) their eyes wide open.

The students were listening to the teacher, and their eyes were wide open.

二、with+ n. + adv. (with可以省略)

1) He put on his coat hurriedly, (with) the wrong side out.

三、with + n. + prep-phrase (with可以省略)

The old man was seated in the sofa, (with) a pipe in his mouth.

四、with + n.+ to do/to be done (动词的动作还未进行)

五、with + n.+ doing/being done (动词的动作正在进行)

六、with + n.+ done (动词的动作已经完成或指n.所处的状态)

1) With so many problems to settle, the newly-elected president is having a hard year.

2) He was lying in bed, with his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

3) With the temple being repaired, we can’t visited it.


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