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cousins的英式发音为[‘kʌznz],美式发音为[‘kʌznz] ,cousins的n意思是:堂兄弟;堂姐妹;表兄弟;表姐妹。



first cousin 堂兄弟姊妹

distant cousin 远表兄妹

second cousin 远房堂或表兄弟姊妹


1、He'd gone deer hunting with his cousins. 他已和堂兄弟们猎鹿去了。

2、My cousins seem to have become intoxicated by their success. 我的堂兄弟们好象已经被他们的成功陶醉了。

3、None of my cousins like doing sports. 我的表兄弟都不喜欢做运动。


1、Such deliberate juxtaposition makes Mexican pieces look like the equal of their more famous northern cousins. FORBES: Mexican Medici

2、Cousins Properties (offices, shopping centers) has returned a subpar 14%-per-year total return on average since 2000. FORBES: The Everything REITs

4、Today all four of his brothers are in the business, and two cousins are senior managers. FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas

3、Most urban Australians, unlike their country cousins, expect the government to stand firm on water reform. ECONOMIST: Australia's water war

5、There are cousins and uncles and friends in battleground states all across the country. WHITEHOUSE: Remarks by the President at a Campaign Event

6、The Angels also selected the contract of outfielder Scott Cousins from Triple-A Salt Lake. NPR: Tired Tale: Moss, A's Reflect On 19-Inning Win

7、Without siblings, only more distant cousins, a few uncles and aunts constituted the extended family. FORBES: Why China Is Finally Abandoning Its One Child Policy

8、Then I need you to get your cousins -- (laughter) -- and your friends, your co-workers.




儿子 Son

父亲/爸爸 Father

高祖父Great great grandfather

高祖母Great great grandmother

公公Husband's father

岳父Wife's father, Father-in-law

岳母Wife's mother, Mother-in-law

女婿Daughter's husband; Son-in-law

婆婆Husband's mother; mother-in-law

妻子/老婆 Wife 嫂/嫂子Older brother's wife; sister-in-law

婶母/婶子Father's younger brother's wife; Aunt

叔父/叔叔Father's younger brother; Uncle

Wife's aunt 叔丈人

Wife's uncle 孙女

Son's daughter; Granddaughter孙女婿

Son's daughter's husband; Granddaughter's husband孙媳夫

Son's son's wife; Grandson's wife

孙子Son's son; Grandson

堂兄弟Father's brother's sons; Paternal male cousin

堂姊妹Father's brother's daughters; Paternal female cousin

同胞兄妹 Sibling

外甥Sister's son

外甥Wife's sibling's son

外甥女Sister's daughter


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