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英 [rɪ'pəʊst]     美 [rɪ'poʊst]


1、The company may repost the job to attract a new pool of candidates. 公司可能为吸引新一批求职者重新写工作要求。

2、If you wish you can repost the form data to recreate the document by pressing the reload button. 如果需要,您可以通过按重新装入按钮来重新投递表单数据,以重新创建文档。

3、PLEASE, be kind and do not repost on other sites or attached files, many thanks and enjoy.请善待和不重新发布在其他网站或附加档案,许多感谢,并享受。

4、As I was editing the photo above the maple leaves pumpkin, I accidently erased it. This is a repost of the composite photo. 当我在编辑以上的枫叶南瓜灯照片时,在无意中删除了,这是合照的重新贴图。

5、Please repost your message to revise them, we will remove the previous one from database.如果您想对留言进行修改,请将其重新登载,我们将从数据库里清除旧的内容。

6、He wanted me be repost by you! 他想让我离开你!

7、In these forms, a user can post or repost an article, and other users can read or comment on it, these comments themselves can be read and commented by other users. 在这些形式下,用户可以发布或者转帖一篇文章,其他用户可以对其阅读或评论,这些评论本身又会被其他用户阅读或评论。

8、With each repost, a user firmly aligns themselves not only with the brand, but the aesthetic being pushed through their curated images. 每一次转发,都代表某位用户不仅坚定地站在这一品牌背后,而且还认同这些图片所宣扬的美感。

9、Analysis of Results of Directoscope of Hoarseness: 146 Cases Repost 146例声嘶患儿直接喉镜检查结果分析。


i has 还是have 英语问答

i has 还是have

i has 还是have:have和has的用法是靠主语人称来决定的,不是时态。过去完成用had done,现在完成用 have done ,将来完成用will have done...
摘要一般写多少字合适 英语问答


摘要一般写多少字合适: 对于本科论文或大专论文而言,摘要写200到300字就可以了。对于硕论而言,摘要写400到500字就可以了。顺便说下,论文摘要是对论文正文内容的精准提炼,作用...