Google 英文

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Google 英文


英 ['ɡuːɡl]     美 ['ɡuːɡl]


Noun:a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

Verb:search the internet (for information) using the Google search engine。


1、Allthingsd also is reporting the TPG and Google ventures involvement this morning. 今天上午,AllThingsD也报道了TPG和谷歌风投参与投资的消息。

2、Android is no longer open and Google starts asserting control. Android已经不再是个开放的平台了,谷歌开始明确宣称要对其进行控制。

3、None of this is to say that Google has been setting a good example. 但是,这并不是说谷歌树立了一个好榜样。

4、Its mobile-device business was bought by Google. 它的移动设备业务已经被谷歌收购了。

5、They offered me a job as a site Reliability Engineer at Google New York. 他们为我提供了一份在谷歌纽约公司当网站可靠性工程师的工作。

6、Facebook and Microsoft ( MSFT) have also been edged out by Google. Facebook和微软也被谷歌排挤出了Android生态圈子。

7、Yahoo and Google are also a good example of this. 雅虎和谷歌也是很好的例子。

8、This is true in both the apple IOS and Google Android ecosystems. 苹果的操作系统iOS和谷歌的安卓(Android)生态系统都是如此。

9、A Google spokesperson wrote in an email to me that the report shows Google did not break the law. 一位谷歌发言人给我写了一封电子邮件称,这份报告表明谷歌并没有违法。


ADSL:Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voice-band modem can provide.

WiFi:Wireless Fidelity. Popular term for a form of wireless internet.

COM:Com is derived from the word commercial, indicating its original intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations.

IRC:Internet Relay Chat, a chat network that operates over the Internet. Originally evolved from the UNIX talk program, IRC is similar to the chat systems found on commercial online services.

HTML:Hypertext Markup Language, the tag-based ASCII language used to create pages on the World Wide Web. See also hypertext.

HTTP:Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the protocol used by the World Wide Web to transfer HTML files.

DNS:Domain Name System, a database system which looks up host IP addresses based upon domain names. For example if you ask for "" it will return Copies of the Domain Name System are distributed through the Internet.


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